More time than money

More money than time

If fostering or volunteering is not a possibility at this time you can still help! You also can make an online donation, via Paypal. Just click on any Paypal button below and you can make a safe and secure tax deductible donation. 
* Crates
* X-Pens (exercise pen)
* Flea Control (Frontline, Advantage or Comfortis ONLY)
* Dog Food
* Kirkland Puppy Formula or Adult Formula
* Nutro Max -  Adult or Puppy (any flavor)
* Treats for Dogs -  no rawhide
* Any Toys
* Dog Beds
* Leashes and Collars (for large and small dogs)
* Petco Gift Cards*

Things you can donate

We also need reliable volunteers to help out during adoptions.  You must be 18 years or older.  We need people to help out on Saturdays during adoptions to help set up crates, take care of the dogs, answer general adoption questions and tear down at the end of the day.  Typically the hours are from 11:45AM to 3:30PM.  If you cannot help set up and tea down then please do not bother coming!  This is where we need the most help!  Playing with the dogs and puppies is the reward for helping set up and tear down the crates!!

How can you help?

Noah's Bark is ALWAYS in need of good foster homes.  We do not have a shelter and are reliant upon a fostering network to provide temporary housing to our animals while they await placement into their permanent homes.  Currently we have very few foster homes as a result many times we have to turn animals in need away because there is no one to foster them. 

 Foster homes provide the love and shelter while Noah's Bark pays for the food, and all medical expenses.   Foster homes are invaluable as the foster parent gains insight to the dog’s personality and temperament to help us better match them with the perfect home.   The foster parent needs to be able to transport the dog to and from our pet adoptions held on Saturdays from 12-3PM at the Petco in Torrance CA.

 If you think you might be interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out the Foster Application/Agreement and email us at  and we'd be happy to discuss it with you!  Or you are always welcome to stop by adoptions to discuss the possibility of fostering for Noah’s Bark in person.  We hold adoptions every Saturday from 12-3PM at the Petco in Torrance.  The address is 24413 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance 90505.