Please don't say you’re sorry, instead do what Grover would want you to do. Go out and celebrate his life, rescue a dog that not one person would give a chance. Take a day to spend with your family and your dog. Spend a day at the shelter helping the animals.

Thank you Grover, for FUREVER changing our hearts. We will never forget you, and we will make your short life a legacy by taking the dogs that never had a chance and giving them one.

Please help us help these dogs by donating to The Grover Fund. 

Grover Fund Dog

Grover Fund Dog of the month - Milkbone
Grover was named after Grover Cleveland, the president on the $1000 bill because that is the minimum his surgery was going to cost to fix both of his broken hind legs and his pelvis.  Lucky for Grover a wonderful woman named Mandy decided Grover was her soul mate and she, his personal angel, and welcomed little Grover into her home!
Every once in a while a hero comes into your world. Our hero is Grover and the woman who loved him unconditionally, Mandy. Every person who ever met Grover was blessed with a lick and his soulful eyes. He lived life to the fullest and loved to the fullest, no grudges... NOT A ONE!
Grover ended up needing 3 surgeries and unfortunately during his 3rd surgery he passed away due to complications from the anesthesia.   Grover may have only lived a few months but once he was rescued the little guy only knew LOVE!
The Grover Fund was created in loving memory of Grover, the sweetest, most loving and broken little puppy that Noah’s Bark has ever met.  Grover was rescued from the South Los Angeles City Shelter.  He had been brought into the shelter in a box and tossed onto the intake counter like he was a piece of garbage.  Shelly Gomez, the Noah’s Bark director, peeked into the box and saw the most pathetic broken little puppy.  She listened to the story the guy told about how he saw this little puppy laying in the middle of the road.  Dozens of people just drove by this little body in the road, including him.  On his way back he saw the puppy still laying there and decided to take him into the shelter.  Poor Grover was close to death!  As nice as the gesture was, he complained that the puppy had peed in the box and it got on the seats of his car!   Of course, Grover went home with Shelly!