Adoption Facts

What is your adoption fee?
Our adoption fee varies for puppies and adult dogs.  Normally our adoption fee is $350-$400 for puppies and $250-$300 for adult dogs.  But there are exceptions to these adoption fees, for example seniors or handicapped dogs are often available for a lower fee.

Why is your adoption fee so high?  I can get a dog from the city or county shelter for a fraction of the price.
Our adoption fee includes a vet visit with our vet, all 3 sets of puppy vaccinations (for a puppy) or current vaccinations for an adult dog(not including rabies), deworming, the spay or neuter surgery as well as blood work prior to the surgery. 

We are not against rescuing a dog from the local shelters.  You can get a dog or puppy from the local city or county shelters for about $100-$130 and it includes one set of shots, one deworming and the spay or neuter. But because the dogs live in cramped conditions they often come out of the shelter sick, most often with something minor such as, kennel cough or mange, but other times with more serious diseases like parvo or distemper. 

When you adopt from Noah’s Bark you get the benefit of knowing the dog has been has living in a home environment away from the stress and disease of the shelter.  Another plus is that we have insight into the dog’s personality.  We can tell you if the dog is good with kids, cats, other dogs, is housebroken, lcrate trained, eash trained, has house manners, etc.

Can I reserve a dog/puppy or can you hold it for me until I can get to adoptions? 
We DO NOT hold or reserve dogs/puppies, however it is NOT FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED either.  We have an adoption application and choose the best home for the dog/puppy.  Please remember we want to match the dog/puppy with the right owner and home.  All puppies are cute but remember the puppy will eventually grow up and we need to keep in mind, as a responsible rescue group, will your home, family, energy level, etc. match the needs of the dog?

How come I can’t see the dogs on a day other than Saturday at Petco?
Please remember we are all volunteers and do not get paid for this.  We have private lives and families aside from our involvement in Noah’s Bark.  Also we DO NOT have a shelter or kennel where all of the dogs are centrally housed.  Each of our rescue dogs is in a foster home and we are very thankful for those families that help out Noah’s Bark by doing this.  It is not fair to ask our foster families to disrupt their personal time because someone would like to come to see a puppy/dog only to want to “think about it” and then never to be heard from them again.  We have learned the best place and time to see one of our rescues is during adoptions on Saturday.  We apologize to those who cannot make it.

Do you take in owner turn-ins?
At this time, we do not take owner turn-ins.  We are overwhelmed by the number of dogs that are euthanized in the Los Angeles shelters every day and we are committed to doing our part to help lower this number.  Most of our dogs and puppies come from the South Los Angeles City Shelter. 

Why do I have to fill out an adoption application?
We require an adoption application to be filled out because we care for these dogs/puppies as though they were our own!  We need to make sure that the dog/puppy will be going to the right home, family and environment.  The best interest of the dog/puppy is our #1 concern. 

Why do I have to spay or neuter my newly adopted puppy?
First and foremost, it is the law if you live in the city of Los Angeles.  Secondly, it is the only way to control the horrible pet over population problem that we have, not just in LA or California but all over the country. It is our policy and it is included in the Noah’s Bark adoption fee.  Our goal is to eventually put ourselves out of business!  We hope that one day there will not be a need for pet rescue groups because the pet population will be under control and every animal will have a home!

Can I take my newly adopted puppy for a walk or to the dog park?
No, you cannot take your puppy for a walk or to the dog park until one week after your puppy has had its 3rd series of puppy vaccinations.  It is for your puppy;s health.  Your pup is fully vaccinated only after the 3rd vaccination.  We recommend waiting one week so the vaccination has the chance to fully take effect. 

You can socialize your puppy with other dogs and puppies that you know and that are healthy and current on their vaccinations, such as your friends and family’s pets.  DO NOT take your puppy to the dog park or places highly frequented by dogs, like the dog beach, or the Strand.