Meet Derby! Derby was found tied up in an alley with a fractured/dislocated leg, multiple open, ulcerated wounds, a mass on his left hip and a bladder stone that took up his entire bladder! He also has several broken and worn down teeth and he's only around 4 and half years old! Derby's leg was so rotted and infected it had to be amputated. His stones and mass were removed. He is on the road to recovery and ready for the second act to his life. Nothing but love, kindness and tons of attention from here on out. Now that Derby is safely and comfortably in a loving foster home his personality is starting to come through. He gets along with other dogs and simply loves belly rubs! He has discovered how much fun toys can be and is very playful. Derby has no problem with stairs or going on walks..

So you’ve found a stray animal in your neighborhood or roaming the streets. What do you do now?
Noah's Bark Animal Rescue receives dozens of calls and e-mails a day from people who are hoping we can take in a stray animal or unwanted pet.

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The Grover Fund was created in loving memory of Grover, the sweetest, most loving and broken little puppy that Noah’s Bark has ever met.  Grover was rescued from the South Los Angeles City Shelter..... read more.  

Noah's Bark is ALWAYS in need of good foster homes.  We do not have a shelter and are reliant upon a fostering network to provide temporary housing to our animals while they await placement into their permanent homes.....learn more.

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